In 2011, I moved to the Blue Ridge mountains to physically detox from a physical, mental, and emotional drug addiction. My daily habits included energy drinks, a pack of cigarettes, and as little movement as possible. Over the past four years of my recovery, I have navigated an imperfect, confusing, and beautiful journey toward health that I am still traveling. After confronting my addiction, eating disorder, mood disorder, unhealthy diet, cigarette habit, and lack of exercise, I’ve learned that health is subjective; health is multi-faceted and ever-changing.

My healthy living isn’t about unattainable goals, restriction, or self-punishment. My healthy living is made up of small daily changes, cups of good coffee, long solo hikes in the Blue Ridge mountains, gratitude, positive vibes, waking up early, 3 square meals a day, sobriety, sleeping 8 hours, rest days, hula hoops, kettlebells, muscle gains, self-love, pizza slices, inner peace, mental health, vulnerability, body positivity, meditation, ice water, hip opening yoga, outdoor adventures, setting boundaries, healthy relationships, intuition, turning off my phone for a day, owning mistakes, imperfection, constant learning, alone time, sunshine, fresh air, authenticity, positive self-talk, seasonal vegetables, empathy, trying new things, saying sorry, helping others, travel, cooking at home, simplicity over excess, balance over extremes, trusting others, loving others, forgiveness, self-forgiveness, letting go, listening, self-care, feminism, starting over, taking life 24 hours at a time. What’s your healthy living?

Be kind. Live authentically. Practice gratitude. Hustle daily. Work hard. Stay humble.


5 Replies to “About”

  1. I was perusing ways in which I can grow out my pixie cut, that is on the cusp of being a bona fide mullet, and I came across your blog. I, too, am a bipolar II, recovering addict who has a love/hate relationship with food, and who has spent some holidays in rehab. You are younger than I am, but you are years ahead of me in your sobriety. I enjoy reading your posts. You seem to be a pretty awesome individual. Oh, and I agree that the wedding industry is one big racket.

    1. Wow, I think we might be twins! My recovery always feels like two steps forward and one step back, but writing it out can make things seem a lot more neat and tidy than the fluidity of everyday life, haha. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. Best of luck to you in your recovery journey!

  2. I too came here to find tips about growing out my pixie. Now I want to dye my hair all sorts of colours like yours!

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