Outfit of the day (3 fall outfits, 2 thrift finds, 1 lookalike buy)

FALLFALLFALLFALLFALLFALLFALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alright, got that out of the way. Can you tell I enjoy autumn? Halloween, leaves changing, and the chance to begin layering. And, if you’re me trying to cope with the anxieties of a hectic September work schedule, you might buy some new layers. Like, way too many new layers. That you’ll end up returning as soon as you come to your senses. Of the three items I did keep, two were bought secondhand and another was far less expensive than the brand version.

After agonizing over finding the perfect white sweater cardigan, well, I found the perfect white sweater cardigan for $20 on Poshmark.

It’s a BDG sweater that originally sold for around $70 so although $20 is a little more than I would have liked to pay for a thrifted sweater, it’s definitely worth it.

Even with an unattached pocket as you can see in the picture above, this is still a solid knit. Poshmark isn’t always a perfect experience but all my items thus far have been worth any minor hassles of working with other PM users.

Next up we have my new favorite sweater and evidence of my struggles to get a full body shot with my micro lens. So you get to witness the destruction of Apollo’s cardboard scratcher and see me from head to toe- don’t say I never gave yous guys anything.

I got this J. Crew Cabin sweater for $12 from Plato’s Closet. It’s a size larger than I normally wear but the print is just so me; there was no hesitation. And in black and white to boot.

And the namesake even on the sleeve- I’m dying, y’all. You just know me too well, J. Crew. Originally priced at $95, I’m pretty proud of this find.

I guess we also need to talk about the mom shoes aka my brown leather Sanitas. Made by the company who originally manufactured Danskos before those were outsourced to China, these are unquestionably clogs.

Supposedly clogs are on trend right now but I was drawn more by the comfort, durability, and product loyalty expressed by reviewers. Yes, I see the glances my friends give whenever I approach and yes, I’m fully aware that my aesthetic is slowly gravitating to that of a New England housewife. But there’s a deeply twisted satisfaction I get from owning styles that make the more conveniently chic shudder. This is coming from the woman who began wearing her Birkenstock sandals with wool socks a few days ago but hey, it could be worse.

Not to embark on another fashion saga but this vest… oh, where to begin. Probably with the J. Crew Excursion quilted vest in herringbone, which normally runs for $130 when in stock and even upwards of $175 on Poshmark. There is a version for sale on J. Crew’s factory site but the pattern is printed and not stitched.

And then I found the (seemingly) perfect compromise: a similar vest with herringbone stitching from Hemlinemom, a company that claimed to be owned by two women from the Carolinas. And it was on sale in my size for only $17- just $22 with shipping! I didn’t Google any further until I was sent a shipping number from an international shipping company. Uhhh…

Then I found several customers’ reviews online who explained similar experiences, including the accidental shipment of a brown/cream pattern rather than black/white. At this point, I just kind of gave up pursuing the impossible return policy, accepted that I was an official schmuck, and vowed to do better next time on researching new companies that I give my money to. Oh, and I’d link the product page but the company is now called Jaceylane. So. I should probably just stick to buying secondhand if I want labels with a lighter price tag.

Made any excellent thrift purchases lately? What are your thoughts on brand lookalike products with questionable manufacturing ethics? Are you willing to sacrifice your style cred for comfort? What fall trend would get you excited enough to write a photo-heavy blog post?

Be kind. Live authentically. Practice gratitude. Hustle daily. Work hard. Stay humble.


This is a personal blog. As the creator, I may mention, discuss, and review products but I have not been paid or sponsored for any of my opinions. My opinions reflect only my personal feelings and experiences, unless otherwise specified. I do not claim copyright on any of the shown products. Any media, writing, or other website content published is created and owned by the author, unless otherwise specified.


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