ADVENTURES IN FOOD: Scary good chocolate lava cake {vegan}

If this post is not quite as eloquent as usual, please know that I’m trying to type around a small sleepy cat who forced himself into my lap (although I’ll admit I didn’t fight it) and I’m watching the end of Good Night, and Good Luck. This movie is special to me because my father is an Emmy-award winning anchorman for my hometown’s CBS affiliate and my grandfather was an Emmy-award winning national CBS correspondent. Not to mention that David Strathairn is straight KILLIN’ this role. Anyway.

This weekend at the Farmer’s Market, I worked a food demo for the local Root Festival. I may have completely, totally, accidentally signed up for this role, as I normally just man the info table but it ended up working out. And I’m glad it did as this will be my first of many such situations on my road to becoming a registered dietician. Yesterday my fellow volunteers and I made some small samples of pickled beets by chopping plain pre-cooked beets and mixing them with a sharp sauce for quick fermentation. We also briefly educated anyone interested in how to cure squash for the winter. And at the end, I was sent home with a surprise bag of leftover cooked beets. The only recipe calling for beets that I’ve made is this vegan chocolate lava cake recipe from the Minimalist Baker. And any excuse to make chocolate anything is good enough for me.

Why call this cake scary good? Well… because it is and I’m not a liar. The Minimalist Baker does not play around with her recipes and this one is no exception. And I definitely watched both Halloween: Resurrection and Freddy vs. Jason while doing my cooking for the week so gore was on the brain. I mean, look at that batter- it’s not a stretch. Get on my Halloween level here, people.

I multiplied the ingredients needed by six to use all my ol’ juicy beets and so, yielded a dozen with some batter leftover. My particular end product is not vegan, simply because I used the regular chocolate and whipped cream I already had on hand. All else: vegan. Which is still can’t really get over. How do you get a fudgy cake from not much more than flour, beets, and coconut oil? Apparently by following the above recipe.

While MB’s recipe produced some gorgeous deep fuchsia cakes, mine did not retain that beautiful beet hue, alas. I mourned that for about 3 seconds before eating two in a row. Whoops. Whatever. I give you a promise that these little lava cakes are a fine dupe for it’s big animal-product-laden sister. So with my blessing and most sincere wishes, celebrate root vegetables, local growers, and yourself, friend.

Do you know of any recipes with unique but effective substitutions? What’s your favorite way to eat beets? Should I have worked harder to work a joke about the cartoon Doug into this post?Any other docu-dramas in the vein of Good Night, and Good Luck that you’d like to suggest? Let me know in the comments below!

Be kind. Live authentically. Practice gratitude. Hustle daily. Work hard. Stay humble.


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