Vacationer + Great Good Fine OK at Cat’s Cradle (09/19/15)

In my area of work, September is the month of mental breakdowns, overtime, sleepless nights, caffeine consumption bordering on intentional overdose. Thank you, phone and OS releases; you’re paying for my past couple technological purchases. Still, with that gratitude comes a certain mental breaking point. Fun fact, I hit mine around 58 hours of work yesterday morning. I almost bailed on last night’s show because I wasn’t about to drive three hours on the highway while highly emotionally volatile. There may have even been a few times I contemplated driving back.

Sunset over Carrboro’s downtown seen from the parking garage roof. A good omen.

As soon as I parked and walked down to the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, NC, my anxiety had calmed. And as soon as Great Good Fine OK started playing, I knew it had all been worth it.

If you haven’t heard this band on Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist a few days ago or any other highlight earned in the past year, please do yourself a favor and give them a listen. Or (better yet) go see them live because their awesome music is made even magical by the band’s magnetic and charismatic stage presence.

I wasn’t lying.

Not to mention a keytar, light-up drumsticks, and a light-up tambourine were used. You can’t beat that.

Thanks to the intimate set-up of Cat’s Cradle, I had no problem staying front row for the entirety of the show. This is definitely an act that has a big enough presence to rock a festival stage but I loved the smaller venue. Even though it was a sold out show, I never felt crowded or uncomfortable. There weren’t even any creepy drunk dudes to fend off! Everyone fed off the positive vibes of Great Good Fine OK and we all just had a good time.

Another great aspect of this show was that neither band kept the audience waiting. Both helped the venue crew set-up and break down the equipment. As someone who once had to wait three hours for Lil Wayne to come out on stage, I appreciate the respect.

I mainly came to this show for GGFO but Vacationer still sounded great. I for sure enjoyed their set but I prefer to see more high energy music live. Still, these guys performed without pretense and sounded even better than their recordings.

I will also say that I’ve had a Vacationer song stuck in my head since last night so their music is not only super chill but catchy as heck. And, true to their name, I did listen to them almost exclusively while at the beach this summer.

All in all, it was the perfect nine hour getaway to keep me from going Jack Torrance in my apartment yesterday. And it was my first time using my new micro lens at an event! Even though it took some guesswork and a few not-perfect pictures, the lens definitely performed much better than I was expecting.

Here are my top three songs (in YouTube form) from each band:

Great Good Fine OK:

  1. Carried Away
  2. Take It or Leave It
  3. Not Going Home (this video is adorable)


  1. Good as New
  2. Heavenly (the one that’s been on a mental loop since last night)
  3. Onward & Upward

Been to any amazing shows lately or discovered any new bands you’re dying to gush about? Let me know in the comments down below.

Be kind. Live authentically. Practice gratitude. Hustle daily. Work hard. Stay humble.

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. As the writer, I may mention, discuss, and review products but I have not been paid or sponsored for any of my opinions. My opinions reflect only my personal feelings and experiences, unless otherwise specified.


2 Replies to “Vacationer + Great Good Fine OK at Cat’s Cradle (09/19/15)”

  1. Hello there,
    I really enjoy your blog and appreciate your personal yet professional writing. Well done! I was wondering if maybe you’d consider doing a post about the equipment you use for photography and videos?

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