Outfit of the day (08/13/15)

I think my “first year after post-grad” panic has finally passed, neither easily nor gracefully. The good news is that this year of paralyzing indecision and fear has left me a little more mature- well, at the very least, more mature in my wardrobe and look.

The past few months, I’ve been shedding all the geometric print crop tops and too-small jeans of my college years for a much smaller work wardrobe composed of classic yet modern staple pieces in a minimalist color palette. This cape blazer from Sheinside shows that classic doesn’t have to mean boring.

As the culture in my worplace typically leans toward both casual and masculine sentiments, I was admittedly a little hesitant about what my co-workers would say in response to such a unique piece. As soon as I walked in the office, two of my male co-workers exclaimed, “What are you wearing?! That’s awesome!” Another said I looked like I was working toward a “villainess” aesthetic. And yet another male co-worker responded to my joking worry that I’d want to wear this every day, “Well, why wouldn’t you?” Goes to show that I shouldn’t assume (yes, yes; ass, you, me- I knoooooow.)

This has easily become my favorite piece in my wardrobe. It’s so effortlessly chic, on trend yet classic, simple yet complex that it really will be a fight not to wear it over every outfit. While the fit runs slightly small, I was able to order (roughly) my size; I hover between XS and S and this jacket is a size Small. The shoulders have a bit of a funny pucker but I doubt anyone else noticed. The fabric and stitching are of a surprisingly good quality. I also ordered from Amazon rather than directly from Sheinside because a. 2 day Prime shipping, heeeey b. Sheinside customer service and shipping times have very mixed reviews and I didn’t want to risk it c. free returns. At around $28, I’m absolutely thrilled with this purchase.

I’m wondering: what’s your fall wardrobe must-have? How do you “dress for the job you want” yet still dress like yourself? What were the first items you left behind after entering the professional world? Let me know in the comments below!

Be kind. Live authentically. Practice gratitude. Hustle daily. Work hard. Stay humble.


This is a personal blog. As the creator, I may mention, discuss, and review products but I have not been paid or sponsored for any of my opinions. My opinions reflect only my personal feelings and experiences, unless otherwise specified. I do not claim copyright on any of the shown products or designs.


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