ADVENTURES IN FOOD: Rosemary-lavender donuts with white chocolate glaze

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When I’m sick, all nutritional bets are off the table. It’s not a time for being optimistic but instead realistic. When my appetite is waning from a July stuffy nose and sore throat, I know that there’s one food I’ll always eat: donuts. Beautiful, beautiful donuts.

image1 (9)

Are donuts some kind of culinary sensation right now? I sure hope so. After visiting North Lime Coffee and Donuts last weekend and I experienced their funnel cake donut… well, I’ll never be quite the same. And so, while cooped up in my apartment with a strange array of ingredients and resentful of the beautiful weather I couldn’t enjoy, I found this recipe for rosemary-lavender baked donuts with white chocolate glaze from Gourmantine.

image3 (6)

I didn’t think it was possible to feel classy while standing in my kitchen pantsless eating donuts and only able to breathe out of one nostril, but these lovely baked goods made me feel… well, lovely. The above donuts used white-wheat flour (all I had on hand), a few drops of vanilla (alcohol-free, natch) in the icing, and this adorable donut heart pan from Amazon. Guess I’ll be spending my sickly Saturday full of donuts and fancy free.

Be kind. Live authentically. Practice gratitude. Hustle daily. Work hard. Stay humble.

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