ADVENTURES IN FOOD: Lemon-lavender cookies


At the end of every month, some lady friends and I meet to have a potluck. I always use this as an excuse to try out new recipes (sorry, guinea pig friends) as I’m prone to making far too much food from unfamiliar recipes and my boyfriend is a recovery picky eater. I bought some dried lavender from the local farmer’s market a few months ago and knew that my ladies would be the subjects of all my lavender experiments. So far, I’ve tried lavender lemonade and lemon-lavender cookies (pictured above.)

Recipe + alternative recipes after the cut.

I actually substituted lemon curd for lemon peel, which I believe made them crispier and thinner (my preferred cookie texture, so it worked out.) My dough was insanely sticky. After leaving it rolled in the freezer overnight, I let it thaw for ten minutes the next morning, sliced them up, baked them for about 15 minutes (my oven is a bit finicky), and ta-da! Fresh baked goods before work.

These cookies weren’t my favorite ever but definitely a nice change of pace. They made me want to put on a frilly white dress and drink tea in the English countryside. And they made my apartment smell delicious while in the oven. As the recipe I used was primarily butter (sweet, sweet butter) I’ve also included some links for alternate recipes that might work better for anyone gluten-free or just not a fan of using as much butter and sugar as I am wont to do. For any recipe, make sure you are using culinary grade lavender so that your pretty treats are actually safe for human consumption.

Have you found a delicious use for lavender? Let me know in the comments below!



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