PRODUCT REVIEW: Manic Panic Virgin Snow toner

Oh, blonde hair. I just can’t tone you. I’ve tried the best reviewed on the DIY market (Wella’s T18 White Lady) and now, one of the poorest reviewed I’ve come across, Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow. There’s nothing out there that seems to be a cure-all for everyone’s hair but with Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow, the reviews I read were extremely mixed. It worked wonders on some people’s hair, left some with strange color combinations, and did absolutely nothing for others. My hair has been fairly damaged so I figured that a toner without ammonia or peroxide couldn’t hurt… right?

Full review + before/after pictures after the cut.

Here’s the thing about my blonde. My lavender hair had faded to the above tone after a week spent under the beach’s sun. It had a ring of golden yellow around the hairline from my stylist not dying my roots for long enough, with the rest of my hair being a lovely white-blonde, tinged with a little yellow in the over-processed spots. All in all, it didn’t look terrible. It didn’t look bad. It looked like a girl with dark hair who dyed her dark hair to unnatural levels of blonde. This wasn’t satisfying for me though. I wanted pure blonde-white glory crowning my head. So every bit of yellow golden stuck out to me every time I glanced in the mirror, despite protests from my loved ones that my hair looked great. Enter the parade of toners, ending with Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow. The night before a job interview, I thought how wrong can it go to dye my hair? I wanted to look my best, after all. I realized how idiotic it was to try changing my appearance with a new product the night before an interview. I realized it at the time. But there are times when idiotic and adventurous can be interchangeable. I thought, with a little luck, this might be one of those times.

You can pick up Manic Panic online or at any Sally’s beauty supply store. It’s cheap and doesn’t smell terrible. It goes on purple and grey, which is fairly standard for an ashy blonde toner. I simply applied the product with some plastic gloves from root to tip… easy peasy. The packaging advises you to keep on this dye 15-30 minutes. But I had read online that you should keep it on overnight. I figured about an hour and a half would be a nice compromise.

One and half hours later andddd…

The yellow roots remained, with grey and a faded steel blue throughout the rest of my hair. It was not the cutest look, so I ended up topping my hair with my old reliable lavender just to get it somewhat even. Here’s a before/after direct comparison:

I’m not going to completely blame it on the product, as I’ve read lots of reviews where it’s been amazing for some people. Here are a few reasons why I believe this wasn’t the toner for me:


  • You’re trying to tone hot roots
  • You don’t have time to do possible multiple short processes (20-30 minutes each to avoid color deposit)
  • Your hair has uneven tones throughout
  • Your hair has not been lifted to a very pale yellow

And this toner, as I mentioned before, was the straw that broke the blonde camel’s back. I realized that if I was going to continue to have blonde hair, it would most likely be uneven and continue to bother me (not to mention the growing concern for $100+ salon bills every two months.) So I decided to go back to dark. But that’s another post entirely. I hope this one was informative enough for any of my platinum buddies wanting to try out Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow. Have you tried Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow? What was your experience? Do you have another toner you’d recommend to readers? Until my next hair experiment!



Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. As the writer, I may mention, discuss, and review products but I have not been paid or sponsored for any of my opinions. My opinions reflect only my personal feelings and experiences, unless otherwise specified.


7 Replies to “PRODUCT REVIEW: Manic Panic Virgin Snow toner”

  1. When I was blonde, I couldn’t get it to a very cool or light blonde despite lightening it 5 times and using a ton of toners. That eventually made me dye it back brown too

      1. YES although I have to admit that I when mixing the pink n purple w conditioner I had a lil on the side that i didnt mix so well cuz i wanted some streaks of those colors a bit thru out my hair. It came out very cool for the first weeks but as it faded it def looked like some parts had a stronger pink n purple on them n the fading went into fuschia n pastel pink .. I really have tried for lavender like 3 times n the closest i came only lasted several days than went more toward a pastel blue (I live in Chapel Hill n although I like the Tarheels~ Im not trying to have my hair their signature color so after a Heels fan commented on how much they loved my Tarheel Blue hair color’ I needed a change) lol

  2. Hi Leah, I’ve only been experimenting with bleaching my hair and pastel-izing my hair for a few months. Last week I went with a friend to CosmoProf to get some hair colors, and I bought Rusk Deep Shine Direct in Icy White on accident, originally believing it would be a shade diluter. After opening the product, and seen it was a very bright blue color I looked up some reviews because I was very ignorant to what the product was supposed to do. Anyway, moral of the story is, try this product because it will make your hair very light. It’s super bright blue and you leave it on your hair for like 20 minutes, you rinse it out and it leaves it “icy”. I believe it runs for like five or six bucks. I’ve been enjoying your blog it’s really helpful thank you ❤

  3. I think this would’ve been more successful if you’d left it in longer. This is a non-damaging toner, you could literally leave it in your hair for 8 hours and it wouldn’t do any damage to your hair. I never leave it in for less than 3 hours. After three hours my yellow-toned roots were white. I had random strands (probably 5) of my hair that are still extremely brassy, but that is the fault of the stylist who did my hair, rather than this toner’s fault. Try it next time for closer to 4 hours, and you’ll see a big difference!

  4. i neee help i just bought the roduct but i dont see any results i have yellow blond hair but i want virgin snoww whitee grayysssss andd do u see results after ur out the shower and you dry er how does it work i dident kno u hade to use condition so i idnt put it i just mixed virgin snow and blue and then after i saw youtube videos i saw you used conditioner so how does it workk ??

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