ADVENTURES IN FOOD: kale caesar salad



My boyfriend and I might have opposite eating habits. He can eat the same thing every night; I need variety. He likes sticking to the same reliable ingredients; I love trying new flavors and recipes. It doesn’t always make mealtime easy. So when we find a recipe that’s a good compromise, we stick to it. So this healthy spin on an old classic will be sticking around for awhile. Ladies and gents, the kale caesar salad.

Homemade whole wheat croutons + fresh washed kale + Greek yogurt caesar dressing + chicken cooked in olive oil = yum. I won’t say it’s 100% better than the original but for healthy food, it’s pretty damn good. And for an adamant kale-hater, my bub’s response was gratifying: the words “it’s good” with a nod and a clean plate. I’ll take it.

Recipes for:
Greek yogurt caesar dressing without anchovies
Homemade whole wheat croutons


Happy cooking, loves! I’ve got a great Greek pasta salad for next week.




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