GROWING OUT A PIXIE CUT: Letting It All Hang Out

(03/06/16: Check out my month-by-month photo timeline of my complete grow-out, along with tips and styling ideas, in this GROWING OUT A PIXIE post!)

Fellow passenger on the dark, hellish journey of growing out a pixie cut, I beseech you: set down the bobby pins. Put down the headbands. Tuck that alarming hat back in the closet. Yes, your hair has about 70 layers and only about three are cooperating this morning but I’m here to tell you to relax and let it all hang out.

I’m mildly obsessed with growing out my pixie cut. Best believe if you have an Instagram picture from the past six months tagged #growingoutapixiecut, I have not only seen it but also scrolled through your account to compare our length, grow times, and use your pictures to guesstimate where my hair will be in ___ weeks.Like I said, mildly (read: very) obsessed. It’s just what I do when I set my mind to something; my determination knows no bounds. But that determination can act as a set of blinders to the present moment. I think we, this little online community of folks agonizing over the distance between our ears to our jaw line, focus so much on the TERRIBLE AWKWARD HORRENDOUS NO GOOD BIEBER PIXIE MULLET EARMUFF stages that we forget to enjoy the sometimes hilarious, sometimes accidentally stylish hair phases along the way.

A good example of such a style is the one above, which I’ve lovingly dubbed “The Mad Scientist.” My hair in the front actually hits just below my ears, while the back is in full-on mullet mode. But with some minimal styling and lavender dye to distract, I get to enjoy a not-quite-pixie-not-quite-bob style that doesn’t make me want to scream at my reflection. And, according to, it’s even on trend (I find this claim logically problematic but hey, I’ll take it.) I’d like to think it’s because of me but logically, half of the stars in Hollywood have grown tired of their pixie cuts and begun the great grow. And made the rest of us look like damn fools in the process. THANKS, JENNIFER LAWRENCE. HOW DARE YOU HAVE A STYLIST TEAM WHEN I DO NOT.

Thank you, InStyle, for compiling this comprehensive yet slightly creepy collage of coifs.

Want to recreate this look? All you need is:

  • a case of bedhead
  • at least one day of no washing (I have two in the above picture)
  • a wide toothed comb
  • dry shampoo OR dry texture spray
  • only 15 minutes to get ready because you dicked around all morning
  • some luck

In all seriousness though, a good dry shampoo or dry texture spray combined with a comb can give you some amazing day-after hair styles. Personally, I use Suave dry shampoo and ADORE it. However, it can show up as white on my hair. While this isn’t a problem for a pastel gal like me, your hair might be a different story. I also use blowpro Textstyle Dry Texture spray, which is good but not great for me. I love the easy volume but it does tend to make my damaged hair actually feel damaged to the touch, so I try to only save this for special big hair occasions. Just spray, comb back, fluff, and TA DA! Instant glamour that Doc Brown would envy.

What fun accidental hairstyles have you discovered on your hair growth journey? Comment below and give me some tips! Next week, I’ll be posting about FAKING AN UPDO while growing out a pixie cut. Until then, darlings!


Disclaimer: This is a personal blog. As the writer, I may mention, discuss, and review products but I have not been paid or sponsored for any of my opinions. My opinions reflect only my personal feelings and experiences, unless otherwise specified.


7 Replies to “GROWING OUT A PIXIE CUT: Letting It All Hang Out”

  1. Hi.

    I just became a passenger too and I love this post. You have some great advice and I think you look gorgeous. Hopefully with some luck mine will get better soon because I’m currently feeling like a Bieber and it’s weirding me out.


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