TURN IT UP: “Chandelier” – Sia

The first time I watched this video, I got about 30 seconds in before I hit pause and very audibly said to myself, “What am I watching?” A week later and I’ve listened to this song every day since. This video is eerie and beautiful. Oh yeah, and the dancer is 11. Just let that sink in. Not to mention the hard-hitting lyrics that won’t leave your head. Can you tell I love this song? I’ve even become so infatuated that I’ve started searching for modern dance classes in my area, of which there are none, sadly. So I’ll just have to be satisfied with dancing aimlessly in the bathroom mirror every night and watching this video.

One Reply to “TURN IT UP: “Chandelier” – Sia”

  1. God Idid the same thing. Watched repeatedly. Her expression and agility. The room…the emptiness…the freedom….the portraits on the wall. Makes you feel like letting everything go.

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